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Established in 1987

Nestled in gently sloping wiregrass forests, filled with the bobwhite quail, is South Georgia’s Samara Plantation. The word “Samara” means winged seed, like that from a pinecone. The wing allows the seed to get caught up in the wind, and where it lands a new tree may form. Surrounded by these majestic and tall longleaf pines, Samara Plantation was established in 1987 by Beadles Land and Timber (formerly Beadles Lumber Company).

Years of timber and game management, which includes controlled burning of our woodlands, have made the 3,600 acres of Samara a perfect site for the bobwhite quail and for the hunter. On and off- season, our only focus is the business of hunting. Our new manager, Keith Wisham, comes to us with experience and a degree in wildlife management. The Plantation’s quail management team stands ready to provide you with an unparalleled hunting opportunity.

Following a brace of pointers or setters from the large kennels on the property is an experience you will always remember. Samara’s bird dogs are selected from the finest stock and are trained during the off- season. Throughout the woods “feed patches” are planted to provide food and cover for the quail year- round. Our skilled guides and dog trainer will assist you in our specially designed jeeps to help you and our dogs locate the coveys of quail.

The comforts of home in the peaceful atmosphere of the forests of South Georgia, combined with the best of the “Sport of Kings” will make your stay with us an experience you will want to repeat. The lodges at Samara were built for quail hunters with large comfortable rooms. The kitchen staff is noted for serving the finest of southern cooking. Three meals each day are served “home style” in the dining room on custom-made tables of heart-pine.